1. I purchased 2 books on Amazon last night.

    1. Facing Codependence by Pia Mellody

    2. Indie Publishing by Ellen Lupton

    The book about codependence is a book one of my friends/coworkers was recommended by her therapist on her first visit. I feel like my Mom has similar qualities and wanted to read it for myself to see how I can help and support her and give tough love without verbally breaking her (something her soon to be second ex-husband did a fantastic job with). My Mom is officially moving in with me and my sister this weekend. So naturally I utilized my Amazon Prime to get this book tomorrow.

    The book on publishing is something I’ve always been partial to. I love reading and writing and would love to do something about it. I’m giving myself a goal next year (still working out the details), but would love to do it. Whether it’s a book, screen play, or something else is to be determined. My uncle works ‘in the biz’ and is so fantastic with ideas and has encouraged me, so there’s that! I NEED to do something, so I’m not going to wait until year or two to try. It’s now or never.  [Book recommended by Lauren]

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